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                News Information
                Young mother postpartum underwear optional principles
                   Date??2013-1-19   Hites??3031

                Production after pre-pregnancy slender figure, has become the the thick "Mom" flavor, the magnitude of weight gain during pregnancy plus, if you want an early resumption of the erstwhile slim, good effort must be some job. In addition, the internal organs after severe squeeze production, must also be a good rest, in order to restore the status quo ante. Postpartum postpartum period, she is still bigger, can continue to wear the pregnant women's underwear, or temporarily wearing paper pants; breastfeeding mothers must first be purchased nursing bra to facilitate breastfeeding.

                Furthermore, the postpartum period can start to wear a corset with belt clip to help mothers regain their abdominal muscles and the contraction of the uterus, corset pants, hip pants, adjustable body sculpting underwear in confinement late wearing, help mothers as soon as possible Recover the Transamerica scene in the physique.

                The maternal Mommy according over

                ?? nursing bra

                Features: designed for breastfeeding mothers, reduce the trouble breastfeeding must wear off. There are open-front design (no wire), wide-open design (soft wire), exposing the nipple and areola part (soft wire).

                Recommended Optional principle:

                ?? Select the appropriate Size: pay attention to size and wear, if wearing not fit the case may be sagging breasts.

                The ?? proposed purchase Quantity: buy 2 to 3, in order to facilitate change and wash.

                ?? maternal underwear

                Features: it is mainly used in the postpartum period, the option of using paper the pants or still wearing pregnant women underwear through this postpartum awkward period.

                Recommended Optional principle:

                ?? easy to use: the paper the pants runs out or lose, is a very convenient choice.

                The ?? recommended purchase quantity: you can buy a package of trial if lochia less, can change into the general underwear.

                ?? belt clip

                Features: postpartum waist how much will increase it? Can pack waist belt clip, sculpture back, waist curve. You can start using the natural production of the Mummy in the postpartum period.

                The principle of the proposed purchase: buy a soft and comfortable material.

                ?? Girdles

                Features: production after use, can strengthen the postpartum recovery of the abdominal muscles, uterine contractions and help Cesarean section at the analgesic, hemostatic and fixed wound. Cummerbund skirt has the same effect.

                The principle of the proposed purchase: ?? choose comfortable material: with corset every day for a long time, to pay attention to in terms of material comfort.

                ?? corset pants

                Features dual function: both corset and underwear, to prevent Tunbuxiachui strengthen the abdominal muscles to restore and beautify the thigh. The corset pants length of the points. Cesarean stomach wound, the postpartum period is not suitable for use.

                Recommended Optional principle:

                ?? optional according to individual needs, including: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs; short corset pants in the modification of the abdomen, buttocks: long corset pants modified area. Selected in accordance with the acceptance and demand of personal type.

                ?? medium size dimensions: wear a corset pants depending on the time of stature to select the degree of the corset should adopt a progressive, do not start wearing too tight dimensions, so as to avoid oppression, resulting in poor circulation.

                ?? hip pants

                Features: Many women in post-production, the hip muscles significantly sagging, the powerful sculptures functionality of the hip pants, the improvement of fat on the buttocks, tightening to return to the perfect body curves.

                Recommended Optional principle:

                To select elastic medium design ??: best choice open Gaocha, elastic medium design and must be able to cover the entire buttocks, is best hip pants.

                ?? adjustable body sculpting underwear

                Features: a variety of styles, in addition to the one-piece corset, three-in-one style (bra, belt clip, Shuku)? Also for the different needs of a single product, such as: recoil bra, corset belt, a belt clip, Shuku etc. . These products have their own function: Sculpture breast shape, beauty back, thin waist, sculpture, lower abdomen, hips, beautify the legs.

                In addition, also straight spine, to avoid hunched, maintenance, correction, getting in shape. Wearing time should not be too long, eight hours or so is appropriate recommendations to wear to work, work on off.

                Recommended Optional principle:

                ?? underwear can not be too tight or too loose: uniform clothing must be affixed to various parts of the body, so that the muscles get the same pressure, the pressure to produce a massaging effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat, subcutaneous fat to achieve the effect of uniformly distributed, so the purchase before a good idea to try on. Too tight underwear will affect the body's circulation and metabolism, even lymphatic oppressed, caused by edema Oh!

                The ?? understand Material: underwear personal clothing must be comfortable, breathable, perspiration and strong, the purchase should be preceded by asking its material, in order to avoid allergic users to long-term wearing, not to sultry or a heat rash.

                ?? understand the intensity and tension: adjustable underwear must be stable, lasting, and try to pull the fabric before buying, to understand its recovery speed; have to make adjustments to changes in Mommy figure.

                ?? Select reputation of merchandise: brand underwear, materials and design are more sophisticated, in order to avoid skin irritation result of poor material condition affect the poor design of the body circulation and metabolism.

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