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                News Information
                Correct wear Meixiong underwear, more upright fashion MM
                   Date??2013-1-19   Hites??2695

                Underwear bad habits: wear a size unfit breast underwear

                In pursuit of the effect of breast, many women often wear the underwear of breast discomfort and my breast size, which is one of the most common bad habits. Some women in order to highlight the fullness of the breast, the pursuit of breast effectiveness, totally disregarding the breast underwear worn by the ability to fit the size of my breast, the breast is very well-being.

                Underwear bad habits: unsanitary

                Breast underwear clothing, closest to the breast and adhere to the hygiene sensitive breast is the first and most important step. Breast underwear unsanitary performance: long-term wear a breast underwear does not change, or wear underwear breast oil presents a leakage, but undisposed cleaning.

                In addition, the most frequently committed sisters bad habits also concentrated expression: hinder the of breast underwear and other clothing with cleaning, no separate cleaning, of breast underwear and other jacket pants clothing with storage in a, which are very unsanitary practice is not easy to adhere to the breast neat clean underwear.

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