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                News Information
                Fashion women according Xiongxing choose underwear, fuller
                   Date??2013-1-19   Hites??2680

                Flat chested, diffusion, spillover, and how to choose underwear?

                Flat chest, diffusion, spillover is there are a variety of reasons, in addition to congenital factors, some do not wear a bra for a long time due, subject to many women believe thick winter clothes, wear do not wear a bra does not matter, thus causing your chest no support points, resulting in chest any walk, to form the chest overflowing.

                Please use the centralized type of underwear like these three women, which is 3/4 cup of underwear can bring out the curve of chest upright.

                Sagging breasts how to choose lingerie?

                Sagging breasts often because the chest is high, but the breast muscle relaxation caused by or afraid of chest compression, seek comfort without wear bra, and thus prone to sagging breasts.

                If you want to overcome and remedy these shortcomings, the first thing you want to select a bra bigger than usual, and try to use the rim and the side to strengthen the function of the bra, strengthen background, from bottom to top to support, but to consider , the width of the shoulder strap can be satisfactorily comply with the weight of the trust, to improve the position of the breast, and to pay attention to the breast satisfactorily fill the cup, you can choose full cup bra, because only full-cup bra, have the ability to your sagging chest set off together.

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