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                News Information
                Fashion women selected underwear consider six factors
                   Date??2013-1-19   Hites??2566

                Ages to buy

                Young woman: the main emphasis on the to see underwear can really help, "Body".

                Pregnant young woman: broadband elastic should wear comfortable bra.

                One month after delivery of maternal: should wear vests bra.

                Month after the child should be changed the broadband back type of bra should pay attention to underwear postpartum body shape changes the correction function.

                Middle-aged women: relationship due to age, health first, pay attention to underwear "modification" At the same time, consider whether the health of real help.

                Second, the breast shape to buy

                1, disc type: breast uplift is not high, but the bottom is not small, the Oriental women mostly kind.

                Recommendation: 1/2 cup or bra inserts, increase breast fullness.

                2, cone type: breast uplift is higher, the bottom is not small, but the whole upright, conical.

                Recommendation: Select 3/4 cup bra, breasts foil.

                Dome: breast uplift is large, full, is the ideal breast.

                Recommendation: Choose whole cup.

                Spinning cone: breast uplift higher, not the bottom of the breasts protrude forward and a slight drape like spindle.

                Recommendation: Select 3/4 cup or a full cup.

                5, sagging type: breast uplift sagging, lower part of the encounter chest.

                Recommendation: Select 3/4 cup, wide shoulder strap design.

                6, sagging type 2: nipple pointing to the ground, so that was hanging like.

                Recommendation: the Select Center narrower bra.

                7, external expansion type: Twin Peaks to both sides of the outer expansion, not centralized.

                Recommendation: Select centralized bra, such as 5/8 stereo cup.

                Third, the material selection

                Choice of underwear is best natural fiber products. Cotton products more appropriate. Its moisture absorption and warmth is good, prices are moderate.

                The products of synthetic fibers such as nylon underwear, polyester shirts and they are poor moisture absorption, is not conducive to the absorption and distribution of human sweat, it is difficult to regulate the microclimate between the skin and underwear skin wear often sultry feel. Is worth noting that the synthetic fiber underwear can cause skin damage, nylon hazards from residual monomer - caprolactam, which can cause dry, rough skin thickening, or even than crack, dermatitis. In addition, its skin antigen, causing allergic reactions.

                Only 2% natural fiber underwear, cotton products damage the skin, the best silk, known as the "second skin" damage to the skin is almost zero.

                Fourth, the season to buy

                Summer: sweating more, should wear cotton, bleached cloth or poplin fabrics bra.

                Spring and autumn: wearing polyester fabric of the bra.

                Winter: should wear thick or lined with sponge bra. If breasts grow not plump, or left and right breasts the size of the apparent asymmetry and optional lined with sponge sudden bra.

                Optional underwear, sports and fitness

                Do fitness and sports should wear a sports bra; selection of good moisture absorption, breathable, and comfortable to wear cotton or cotton and silk, cotton and high-elastic spandex material bra, Bust bottom with wider shoulder with the best is not easily fall to the sides of the Y-type; bra inner layer should be seamless design, in order to avoid exercise strong friction skin.

                VI color selection

                The color of underwear with everyone's favorite choice. However, some dyes are carcinogenic. Dyes human skin through sweat absorption, the dark underwear dye, the dye fastness bad skin absorption even more, so much the worse.

                The dermatologists also believes that some skin diseases may be due to the dye off or intermediates and other impurities caused. Therefore choose underwear is best natural or light-colored. Try not to buy crimson, purple, navy, brown, dark green and black.

                If you're particularly fond of these colors, be sure to wash frequently changes, do not be lazy. White underwear is not very safe, such products are often coupled with a fluorescent plus white agent. According to recent studies, some fluorescent plus white agent is a carcinogen, can pollute the water with the washing emission.

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