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                News Information
                Four wearing underwear misunderstanding not know
                   Date??2013-1-19   Hites??1640

                A lingerie as long as it does not break a hole, you can always wear it broken so far.

                Wrong. Underwear rims deformed the sponge pad aliasing, underwear did not break a hole, you have to let it "retirement". Otherwise, suffer your breasts. So, although the underwear, maintenance is also very important. The washing method is the best way to "tap" hand wash with warm water and a neutral emulsion, do not hand the strong twist underwear squeeze water. Underwear to put on underwear special cabinets, space can not be too crowded with other clothing friction, when should carefully folded.

                B does not plump breasts sponge support.

                Wrong. Do not thick sponge underwear as a disguise "airport" savior. Select underwear, but also determine the size of cup type of underwear. Underwear into full cup, half a cup, the side of the cup, 3/4 cup. Full cup fit fully surrounded breast, it can be diffused or sagging breasts tightening suitable chest fullness or loose women; half cup can be directly supporting the lower half of the breast. Vertical chest strap chest line elevation, busty and spherical sense, sagging breasts are more suitable for women; side cup breast to the middle from both sides pushing so plump breasts, for chest to expand outside or flat women ; 3/4 cup, suitable bosomy sagging women. Look at the breast exactly what kind of characteristics are plump, again to select it.

                CT pants on so thin a cloth head, definitely not comfortable to wear.

                Wrong. Streets sell T pants too, when selected, a closer look after the amplitude of the T word parts, was a straight line, slightly bent like, best not to buy, because this T-pants wearing certainly uncomfortable. Good T-pants, in the version of the type must meet the ergonomic, so that you will not be wearing when Le and bone discomfort bit hard. And is said to Oriental woman Tunxing is more suitable to wear T-pants, because the oriental woman's buttocks shaped relatively flat compared to Western women, not Alice.

                The D underwear unlike coat as occasions to wear to work, PARTY underwear can also wear to sports.

                Wrong. Exercise sweat more and produce more friction between the body and underwear. If you wear lace underwear lace friction damage the skin and airtight fabric is quite uncomfortable. Best sports underwear breathable cotton underwear, and flexibility is better, especially in supporting the performance is better, to avoid breast vibrate excessively and down the body. Monolayer sporty cotton lycra mix underwear prevents sagging breasts, and do not rub the skin, suitable bosomy lady. Dimensional magic sports underwear breast from both sides toward the middle set, the cleavage deepened, chest pad removable, easy to clean, chest smaller or general type Ms. choice.

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